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The Joe Pags Show

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New rules for transgender athletes-Hour 1

What will happen with Tik Tok?-Hour 2

The Tik Tok CEO was grilled today on Capitol Hill... Joe breaks down that story...and why parents need to know what their kids are doing on the social media app

They're coming after your meat again-Hour 3

Can lab-grown meat really be called meat? PLUS – Kari Lake is still fighting for election fairness.

Interview with Rudy Giuliani

Joe speaks with Rudy Giuliani about the alleged Trump indictment, what he knows so far, what he expects will happen, and much more.

What is going in New York? -Hour 1

Hour 1 of The Joe Pags Show... we're talking about the news about the New York grand jury involving former President Trump and why there's still no indictment...Joe says the case is falling apart.

New Woman of the Year winner-Hour 2

USA Today gives Woman of the Year honor to a transgender state lawmaker.... we talk about it in hour 2 of the Joe Pags Show.

What should we do with deepfakes?-Hour 3

Steve Yates joins Joe at the bottom of this hour talking about China... it's an interview you don't want to miss.

Interview with Amber Athey

Joe talks with Amber about her new book about exposing the woke media, bouncing back after getting fired from her job, and much more.

Did President Trump get arrested?-Hour 1

If former President Donalld J Trump is arrested, will that help or hurt his 2024 presidential campaign? We find out the very latest and more.

Colleges want to reintroduce segregation for graduation ceremonies-Hour 2

Colleges want to reintroduce segregation for graduation ceremonies. PLUS – Missouri AG Andrew Bailey with his thoughts on radical left DAs and what to do about them!