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Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice.

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Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice.

BHS – 8A – Hunter Biden Federal Tax Charges | ‘Foodie Friday’ with Neil Saavedra

Neil Saavedra joins Bill for today’s show. Hunter Biden faces 9 criminal charges in federal tax case. KFI food enthusiast and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra wraps the show talking about the perfect gift for the foodie in your life and… don’t worry about the holiday weight gain.

BHS - 7A – Security at Hanukkah Celebrations in Los Angeles | UNLV Shooter

Neil Saavedra joins Bill for today’s show. Hanukkah celebrations in Los Angeles fraught with worry amid Israel-Hamas War. OnlyFans is as popular as ever. UNLV shooter had a list of targets, a 9-millimeter gun and extra ammo. Bunker wouldn’t exist today which is why we need him more than ever.

Handel on the News

Amy King and Neil Saavedra join Bill for Handel on the News. Hunter Biden faces nine criminal charges in federal tax case. Texas judge allows abortion in Cox case as AG Paxton threatens legal action. UNLV shooting suspect Anthony Polito had list of other targets, sent letters to professors around U.S., police say. Police step up patrols during Hanukkah celebration in Beverly Hills. Ex-Alaska Airlines pilot who tried to cut plane’s engines is released from jail; must avoid aircraft. Elon Musk demands Bob Iger ‘be fired’ after Disney pulled ads from X. Tulare County teen Peter Park becomes youngest to ever pass California bar exam.

BHS - 8A – ‘How to Money’ with Joel Larsgaard | Earlier with Mo Kelly

Chris Merrill fills in today on the Bill Handel Show. Host of ‘How to Money’ Sunday 12pm-2pm 8a on KFI Joel Larsgaard joins Chris to discuss an article in The Atlantic titled “Inflation is your fault,” and the TikTok shop is getting roughly $10MIL a day in revenue. Host of ‘Later with Mo Kelly’ comes on the show to talk about Norman Lear, writer, director and producer who revolutionized television with “All in the Family,” “The Jeffersons” and “Maude,” propelling political and social turmoil into the once-insulated world of TV sitcoms, has died. He was 101. Mo wraps the show s\peaking on former Recording Academy President Mike Greene being accused of rape in a new lawsuit from ex-employee.

BHS - 7A – 4th Republican Presidential Debate | History: Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

Chris Merrill hosts today’s Bill Handel Show. Key takeaways from the 4th republican presidential debate. History of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, a look back at the diverse selections over the years. Buying guns for criminals: easy, illegal, and “extremely difficult” to stop. Who is George Santos?

Handel on the News

Chris Merrill fills in for Bill along with Amy King for Handel on the News. Opinion: At the GOP debate, were there any winners? Planned Parenthood sues Fontana for allegedly blocking abortion access. University of Nevada, Las Vegas, shooting: Shooter was career college professor, sources say, but unknown whether he had a connection with school. Crews remove RVs, makeshift vehicle encampments from stretch of Forest Lawn Drive in Hollywood Hills. California EDD drops Bank of America for Money Network for unemployment benefit payment contractor. Sean “Diddy” Combs accused of raping 17-year-old; Combs denies allegations.

BHS - 8A – A New Era of Defiance | Dog Euthanasia Changes

A new era of defiance. After Times’ animal shelter investigation, L.A. County seeks dog euthanasia changes. Empty Bed, Bath, & Beyond stores are hot real estate. Who’s moving in? Why some people think California’s cow manure methane plan stinks.