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BHS - 8A - MACRO with Jason Middleton and Musings with Mo Kelly

BHS - 7A - Charges Filed Against CHP Officers and 'Fractional Home Ownership'

California District Attorney George Gascon has annouced charges being filed against the CHP officers involved in the death of a motorist under the influence of methamphetamine. Newport Beach is battling against 'fraction home ownership'; what is it and what's the issue with it? The Class of 2023 is facing an uncertain job market. And examining Rupert Murdoch vs. former President Donald Trump.

Handel on the News

Jennifer Jones Lee and Wayne Resnick accompany Bill for Handel on the News. Seven CHP officers have been charged in the death of an L.A. motorist - his death was caught on video. A police pursuit ended with a crash in downtown Los Angeles, hospitalizing four. And the man who led Seal Beach poluce on a chase before it ended in a deadly crash was wanted by federal authorities.

BHS - 8A - California Reparations Task Force Meeting and Handel & The House Whisperer

The California Reparations Task Force intends to meet today and tomorrow - what will they be discussing? Also, former Vice President Mike Pence must testify in the Trump / Stormy Daniels case. Dean Sharp is back for Handel & The House Whisperer, and today, the two are talking aboutj wood decks and patio furniture because what better to talk about on a rainy day in SoCal?!

BHS - 7A - The Problem with Punishing Fentanyl Dealers in CA and Colleges Struggling with Enrollment

A bill that would punish fentanyl dealers has failed in the California Senate, and it's not the first time. Colleges are struggling with enrollments, but California's UC system has a solution. Sellers are getting creative to cut deals before the 'mansion tax' takes effect. And owners of a Toyota Prius are feeling the pain over the widespread catalytic converter thefts.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Jennifer Jones Lee accompany Bill for Handel on the News. A man has died after jumping from a stolen California Highway Patrol cruiser during a pursuit. A driver with a baby in the car lead police on a chase that ended in a crash in Long Beach, killing 1 and injuring 8 others. And SoCal's next storm has arrived and will persist through tomorrow.

BHS - 8A - 'Tech Tuesday' with KFI's Rich DeMuro and America's Unique Gun Problem, Explained

KFI's tech reporter Rich DeMuro is back for 'Tech Tuesday'! He and Handel talk about big changes coming to Twitter and Uber Eats cracking down on too many virtual brands being made available to its customers. Then, Bill circles back to the Nashville shooting that killed 6 innocent people, and how America has a unique gun problem that may never go away.

BHS - 7A - A Mass Shooting in Nashville and The Hopes for Lower Gas Prices Dwindle

A mass shooting in Nashville at a K-12 school has left 6 dead, along with the shooter. ABC's Jordana Miller joins the show live from Jerusalem, Israel, where Prime Minister Netanyahu is delaying the judicial overhaul of the government following mass protests. And California lawmakers have approved Governor Gavin Newsom's oil bill...but it won't mean lower gas prices are on the horizon.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Jennifer Jones Lee accompany Bill for Handel on the News. The shooter in Nashville who killed 6 had maps drawn and had done surveillance on the school prior to acting on their plans. Three students aged 9 years old and three adults, one of whom was a top school official, were killed at Covenant Elementary School, according to the police.

BHS - 8A - The 'Work From Home' Era Ends for Millions and 'Do They Have A Case?' with Wayne Resnick

Millions of people are being asked to return to work as the 'work from home' era seemingly concludes...or does it? The pandemic changed our city streets, turning them into outdoor dining facilities, and now people want to make those changes permanent; a fight may be on the horizon. And Wayne Resnick is back for 'Do They Have A Case?' where he presents Handel with a couple of situations that were brought to the court, and Bill determines whether the case is legitimate and if so, which direction the court went with their outcome.