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Rita's Pasta Primavera



12 oz short pasta

4 oz./1 stick, butter

½ cup or so haricot verts/skinny green beans

½ cup or so thin asparagus – tips and stalks sliced 1-inch

½ cup or so peas, fresh or frozen

½ cup or so white mushrooms – thinly sliced

Shake or two of garlic powder (optional)

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 cup half&half

½ cup Romano or Parmesan cheese

Garnish: Diced tomatoes and chives


Cook pasta and keep warm.

Melt butter in pan and quickly saute vegetables.

Season with garlic powder and salt and pepper.

Add half and half and cook to thicken sauce, about 5 minutes.

Toss with pasta and sprinkle with parmesan. Garnish with tomatoes and chives.

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