The CEO You Should Know - Harry Donahue


The CEO You Should Know - Harry Donahue President/CEO, Catalyst Life Services                       Harry Donahue is an experienced healthcare executive with over 25 years experience in both privately held and publicly traded companies in a variety of leadership roles. Harry was hired to lead Catalyst Life Services in September, 2018. A Business Major he holds degrees in Finance from St. John's University and IONA College. He has run enterprises in behavioral health, human services, family services and substance abuse markets. As an accomplished executive, strategist, and business driver with firms ranging from start-up companies to established organizations, Donahue has maintained a track record of creating and executing strategies that yielded impressive and breakthrough results, including 180-degree turnarounds and double-digit revenue growth. The common denominator among all of his achievements is an unmatched drive and determination, particularly in helping organizations reach the next level of success. 


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