The CEO You Should Know - Dennis Fox



Dennis Fox; CEO at ES ConsultingDennis Fox has been the President and CEO of ES Consulting of Ontario, Ohio since 2004.  He has grown the company from a local technology service-based firm to a nationally recognized Managed IT Service Provider that has ranked in the Top 501 in the world multiple times by MSP Mentor.  His company has also been rated in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies as well as the Inc. Best Places to Work.  If you ask him, his company’s success is derived from learning from and listening to the team he works with.  You must develop a culture that empowers your employees and allows them to truly be a part of how you operate your company.  You would hear him say that “Great leadership begins with understanding and listening to the team; If you are not listening to them, you are just being a boss.”  The word “boss” is one of those 4 letter words that he does not want to be called.  Being a leader on the other hand, one that will be in the trenches with his team, is what he prefers and is what he believes drives a company’s success.  He also believes that success is not defined just by how the team excels in the office, but in every aspect of their life.  To be a true leader, you must be opportunistic and willing to help with success in and outside of your team’s professional lives.  You spend as much time, if not more with the people you work with, and need to create a culture that allows them to be like a family. Technology has always been a passion for Dennis, even from a very young age.  He had to know how everything worked, so he would take everything apart to figure that out.  Most of the time he could get things put back together, but if not, he could always make something else out of all the small parts.  It was a natural fit for computer technology once that was introduced into his life at the age of 14.  His first computer was a Tandy and that was before they even had hard drives.  Just like everything else, he had to know how it worked.  Spending countless hours on the computer, self-learning how they worked and what they could do was one of his main hobbies.  He knew that these machines would someday help us in significant ways. In 1993, he moved to California and began his professional career providing technology to businesses.  Not many were ready to take on the expense of computers at the time, but that did not sway his vision of how useful these would be to the business world someday.  He came back to Ohio to be with family in 1996 and continued his professional career as a MIS Director and then an IT Director for local businesses before he started with ES in 2004.  He has, with the help of his team been able to provide hundreds of businesses with the ability to be more efficient, productive, and profitable with the use of technology. He and his team at ES are continuing to educate businesses on the benefits of technology and how they have a different approach that has been developed over many years.  They no longer believe in the archaic methods of IT support for business, you must be proactive to see the true benefits and ensure your business is receiving the full advantages technology can offer.  If you would like to know more, Dennis or anyone on his team at ES would be happy to help!


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