The CEO You Should Know - Sam Van Cura

Sam VanCura, President of Total Performance


      Following graduation from Malabar High School, Sam started college at the OSU Mansfield campus.  After 4 quarters he joined the Ohio Air National Guard. The next school year was spent at Kent State University where he ran out of money.  At twenty Sam started a 30 year career at Gobeille-Robinson and Associates, manufacturers representatives in the electric construction field.  For the first seven years Sam went to night school at Ashland College then Akron University.  Sam is currently a 2nd quarter senior. In 1988 Jim Steen, legendary swimming coach at Kenyon College, and Sam started Total Performance, Inc. It was mostly a hobby business for at least the first decade.  Sam sold Gobeille-Robinson to make Total Performance a full time business.  Little did he know that within a few months he would decide to open a franchise business, Shred-it.  It was a mobile confidential paper shredding business that was incredibly fun to sell.  The company was a little ahead of the realized need to protect names and numbers.  It grew nicely until a Columbus business man said that he wanted to purchase the business.  Sam did not initially want to sell but did after growing the business nicely for four years.  Finally, Sam had time to make Total Performance a real business. It  is a very small business in an extremely small sport but make a living in that small space.  Sam often says that he has the best job in Mansfield.  He has the best customers known to man, swimming coaches are the best group of people you could imagine. Total Performance strives to give the best customer service in any industry.   When, they  answer the phone Sam thinks it is the first opportunity to make a great impression on a potential customer.  Missed call?  It will be returned in as short a time as possible and again will make a great impression as the expectation of a returned call is so slim. In 1983 Sam married his wife Janet, the most influential person in his life since then. They  have children Kelly , Tim and Chase.  Kelly and Tommy Scholl have  grandchildren Carson, Braxton, Riley and Josie and live in Lewis Center just north or Columbus.  Tim and Cassie have granddaughter Carmen and live in Lexington.  Chase is single and is living in New York City. Sam's major form of exercise is to swim 4-5 days a week.  He also skis, uses weights and an exercise bike.  A lot of my spare time is devoted to cutting and splitting wood in their woods.  Janet and Sam like to travel and Sam visited his 50th state, Alaska, in the summer of 2017.

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