Possum Wreaks Havoc in Woman's Office


After taking a tumble through an office ceiling within the Australian National University in Canberra, a brushtail possum made itself comfortable in its new home - but not without making some renovations first, Huffpost reported.

Senior research fellow Bree Blakeman discovered her office in a state of chaos earlier this week and began covering the incident on her Twitter page once she figured out the culprit was not a burglar. Due to Blakeman's coverage, the furry troublemaker has become a trending meme.

Despite campus officials efforts to safely catch the critter and release him, he decided to stay a few days before exiting on his own terms.

Thankfully for this possum, its adorableness helped it get away with the silly shenanigans. On the other hand, Blakeman unfortunately has some cleaning up to do.

Bill Handel

Bill Handel

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