Man Stumbles Upon Thousands of Dollars Outside of an ATM and Returns It

According to CBS 62, a man named George Condash accidentally stumbled upon a cash box filled with $27,000 dollars next to an ATM outside of a Michigan credit union.

Apparently, ATM surveillance footage captured a security guard unloading several cash boxes and then accidentally leaving one behind. Minutes later, footage also caught Condash discovering the box, inspecting it, and then loading it into his car.

While most might have driven away with the hefty cash box, Condash collected the funds so that he could turn them in to the front counter of the credit union.

After turning in the funds, the bank's cash manager told CNN they were utterly shocked by the situation, but were grateful that a major cash crisis was avoided.

Allegedly, Condash received an award from the bank for doing the right thing.

Bill Handel

Bill Handel

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