Tourist Trampled By Elephants After Leaving Car To Take Photographs

Herd of elephant approaching us in South Africa

Photo: fishcat007 / iStock / Getty Images

A tourist from Spain was trampled to death by a herd of elephants in South Africa on Sunday (July 7). Authorities said that the 43-year-old was driving through Pilanesberg National Park with his fiancée and two other women when he spotted a herd of six elephants near a lake.

The man stopped his car and started to get out so he could take photographs. The man's fiancée and the other two women, who were all from South Africa, warned him to stay in the vehicle, but he ignored their pleas and approached the herd.

As he got closer, his presence spooked one of the female elephants, which charged at him. Two other elephants also charged toward him to protect the younger elephants in the herd.

The man tried to run back to his car, but the elephants caught up to him and trampled him to death as his fiancée watched in horror. After the elephants trampled the man to death, they returned to the lake, ignoring the other vehicles in the area.

Officials said that visitors to the national park are forbidden from leaving their vehicles and must sign a waiver acknowledging the rules before entering.

Elephants also killed two American tourists in Zambia in separate incidents earlier this year.

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