BrandRichland Community Video Released, Showcases Vibrancy of the Area

MANSFIELD, Ohio – 5/14/24 – The eagerly awaited BrandRichland video was released today and offers a captivating glimpse into the dynamic work, life, and leisure opportunities in Mansfield and Richland County.


The BrandRichland video, a collaborative effort with local partners and stakeholders, is now available for viewing on and the social media channels of the City of Mansfield, Richland County Commissioners, Destination Mansfield – Richland County, and the Richland Area Chamber and Economic Development.


Richland County Commissioner Tony Vero underscored the video's role in fostering community unity, stating, "Our brand, eloquently captured in this video, serves as the glue binding a community together, a family of communities, embodying shared values, aspirations, and a collective identity."


Produced by DRM Productions, the 2-minute and 22-second production, born through the Mansfield Rising community branding project in the summer of 2023, includes over 40 locations in Richland County. View filming locations.


Mayor Jodie Perry expressed enthusiasm about the video's release, stating, "Mansfield and Richland County are in the midst of a resurgence, and this video is going to help us tell the story of all the great things that are happening here. The City is proud to be a partner in the video and also the branding project as a whole."


Lee Tasseff, President & CEO of Destination Mansfield - Richland County, emphasized the video's potential to promote the county, stating, "We hope this video presentation provides a glimpse at what can be created to promote our county. To be the beginning of developing a long-term awareness campaign built with the community brand."


Successful branding is a critical component of a dynamic and well-rounded community marketing strategy which is essential for effective business attraction and retention. The Mansfield Rising Community Branding initiative was developed in cooperation with over 20 community partners and nine funders and will be used as an anchor for a strategic marketing plan to raise awareness about Richland County's work, life, and leisure opportunities.


Sandy Messner, Director of Marketing at Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development, highlighted the video's invitation for viewers to engage with the community narrative, stating, "The BrandRichland video captures the essence of Mansfield and Richland County, inviting viewers to engage with our story. It's the beginning of a journey towards a stronger, more cohesive community narrative."

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