April 26: Mansfield To Celebrate Arbor Day, Plant Plum Trees At Art Center

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Mansfield, OH-- Mayor Jodie Perry is pleased to announce that the National Arbor Day Foundation has named the City of Mansfield a “Tree City USA” for the 29th consecutive year. To receive this award, a community and its Shade Tree Commission must demonstrate a commitment to implementing a sound urban forestry policy.

The City of Mansfield Shade Tree Commission has chosen to celebrate our 29 years of being designated as a Tree City USA with a very special Arbor Day Celebration. This year’s event will be held at the Mansfield Art Center. In the past few years due to dead Ash trees, they have undertaken the job of clearing out the dead trees and replacing them to beautify their corner of Marion and Millsboro. Their foresight and contribution to our community is immeasurable.

Shade Tree Commission Chair, Josh Maurer, stated, “The Mansfield Art Center was chosen for two reasons to commemorate our 29th year. First, to complete the replacement of trees along Marion Avenue, and secondly, the Mansfield Art Center is a perfect example of when planning for their additions, included in their plan replacement of trees, thereby ensuring our Urban Forest continues to remain intact. The Commission always tries to find a location which represents some of the symbolic lesson’s trees provide us, such as new growth, transformation from a small seedling to a beautiful canopy. The Art Center serves as such an example, as the vision (or in this case “seed”) which was planted many years ago in the creation of the Art Center for our community, has grown into one of the finest Art Centers in our region and therefore recognized is recognized for their growth and commitment to our community.”

Mayor Perry added, “. “The Mansfield Art Center is a great location to commemorate this year’s Arbor Day Celebration. They are proactively working to replace the loss of these trees. Studies have shown that a strong tree canopy can actually encourage economic development and better health outcomes for communities, so we encourage residents to join in and plant trees when able.”

The City of Mansfield Shade Tree Commission will be planting a Five (5) Newport Purple Leaf Plum Trees at the Mansfield Art Center, 700 Marion Avenue, and along Marion Avenue at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 26, 2024 along with representatives from The Mansfield Art Center. The trees have been generously donated by Alta Florist & Greenhouse for this special event.

Mayor Perry invites the community to join the Commission by celebrating Arbor Day 2024 with a tree planting at your home or place of business. For more information, call Kim Hildreth at 419.755.9702.

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