Several Richland County Roads Closed Due To Flooding

Richland County Engineer, Adam Gove, reports the following roads are closed in Richland County due to flooding.

**Road Closure Notice**


Shelby-Ganges Road, between Bowman Rd and Ganges-Five Points Rd in Cass/Bloominggrove Township, is closed due to flooding The road will remain closed until further notice.

High Water Street Flooding

Photo: KSwinicki / iStock / Getty Images

**Additional County Road closures due to flooding**


Champion Road, between London West Rd and Hazel Brush Rd in Plymouth Township


London East Road, between Fackler Rd and Ganges-Five Points Rd in Cass Township


London West Road, between Broadway Rd and Plymouth-Springmill Rd in Plymouth/Cass Township


Gove reports most roadways will likely reopen once the flooding has receded.

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