Board Approves Funding for Projects in Richland County

COLUMBUS - The State Controlling Board has approved the release of funds to Richland County with the purpose of providing funding for the continued safe and efficient operations of the 179thAir Wing.

First, $74,358.77 was allocated to upgrade the emergency fire management system for the 179thAir Wing in Mansfield. Additionally, $54,000.00 was released by the State Controlling Board to make a payment to the City of Mansfield for the National Guard flight operations in the drop zone runway area at the Mansfield Lahm Municipal Airport in Mansfield.

“It is encouraging to see state dollars return to Richland County which will help to ensure the 179thAir Wing is operating with efficiency and effectiveness,” said John.


State Representative Marilyn John is currently serving her first term in the Ohio House of Representatives. She represents the 2ndOhio House District, which encompasses all of Richland County.

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