Richland County Drive Thru Clinic At Fairgrounds Now Using Moderna Vaccine

The Drive Thru COVID-19 clinic this week at the Richland County Fairgrounds will now be using the Moderna vaccine this week and not the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The clinic will operate this week ( 10 am - 2 pm ) Thursday and Saturday, April 15 & April 17

If you signed up for the drive-thru clinics on either Thursday or Saturday because of the one-dose vaccine and do not want the two-dose Moderna vaccine, call (1-833-427-5634) to cancel your appointment.

At this time, Richland Public Health does not know the status of future mass vaccinations at the Fairgrounds or the walk-up ones previously scheduled for Bellville and Franklin Township (Shelby).

The Ohio Department of Health is making a determination on how this pause in the Johnson & Johnson vaccines will affect all current and future mass vaccination clinics scheduled in Ohio, including those in Richland County, and for how long those clinics will be affected. Those decisions will be made under consultation with the FDA and the CDC which are meeting on Wednesday afternoon (April 14) to further review the data on the extremely rare adverse reactions in six individuals. This pause will also affect pharmacies in Richland County with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

For people who have received the Johnson & Johnson shot, those who have developed severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their healthcare provider. This monitoring of symptoms also applies to anyone who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccines at the Bellville walk-up clinic on April 12. Please note that these adverse reactions are extremely rare (1 in 1.2 million cases).

Outside of the drive-thru clinic on Thursday and Saturday, those who know they were scheduled for Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination should reschedule with another provider. The list of providers in Richland County is available at The Richland Public Health registration number is 1-866-395-1588.

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