Ashland County Welcomes New Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Ashland County Prosecuting Attorney Christopher R. Tunnell is pleased to announce the addition of Stephanie Todaro to his staff. Mrs. Todaro will serve as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, whose primary responsibility will be the representation of the Ashland County Department of Job and Family Services in child abuse, neglect, and dependency cases. Mrs. Todaro will be joining Assistant Prosecuting Josh Aspin in the child abuse, neglect, and dependency field.

Mrs. Todaro served in the United States Air Force as a Korean Language Analyst, where she earned an associate’s degree in Korean from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in 2008. Prior to attending law school, Todaro briefly worked as a travel agent in Aviano Italy. Todaro’s husband is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. The couple has three children. Mrs. Todaro began her duties with Ashland County on March 1, 2021.

In announcing the new hire, Prosecuting Attorney Tunnell said, “We are pleased and excited to have Stephanie join our team. She impressed us with her intellect and her bearing. I’ve always thought it important that if your job entails watching out for the best interests of our children, that you should have experience in that regard. Not only is she intellectually qualified, she has extensive experience as a mother. As a lawyer, veteran, and mother, Stephanie is going to be an asset to Ashland County.”

The Department of Job and Family Services has been represented by the Ashland County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for several years now, after the County Commissioners requested that the Children’s Services unit have counsel outside of Job and Family Services. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Josh Aspin has been tasked with representing the Children’s Services division for the last couple of years. Tunnell elaborated, “Josh Aspin has been toiling away by himself under a mountain of cases in the Juvenile Court. It was not only important to get him help but to get him the right help, and we think we’ve accomplished that.”

The Ashland County Prosecutor’s Office lost an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney who left to join private practice last year. Due to the County Commissioners request for budget cuts, that position was not filled. Mrs. Todaro fills that open position.

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