Mansfield Police Officer Charged With Assault In Off-Duty Incident

Mansfield Police Officer Charged

Earlier today, the Mansfield Division of Police formally charged Officer Brittney Pennywitt with “Assault” (M-1) in reference to an off-duty incident which occurred on February 28th at approximately 1:13AM in our city. The assault charge stems from a disturbance and physical confrontation that occurred between herself and Eric Wendling; a Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy who was, also, off-duty at the time of the incident.

Officer Pennywitt, who was sworn in on May 20, 2019; has been on paid administrative leave since the altercation and the pending investigative follow-up by the Mansfield Division of Police. She was formally charged following a review of the case by the Mansfield City Law Director’s Office. She remains on paid administrative leave pending an Internal Affairs review as well as the outcome of the pending criminal charge. Eric Wendling was charged at the scene with “Assault” (M-1) on the morning of the confrontation and incarcerated.

This news release is in conjunction with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Steve Sheldon wanted to add, “The Sheriff’s Office was immediately notified by Mansfield Police of the deputy’s arrest and that he would be incarcerated for the alleged criminal act. He was placed on Administrative Leave with pay after his arrival at the jail, by the Sheriff. Deputy Eric Wendling remains on leave while the Sheriff’s Office conducts an Internal Affairs Investigation into the incident.”

Mansfield Police Chief Keith Porch advised that due to the pending criminal charges and Internal Affairs review, he will not comment on the case at this time.

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