Madison Schools Closed Friday Due To General Illness of Staff and Students

The Madison School district is closed today due to a recent uptick in general illness among students and staff, according to Superintendent Rob Peterson.

All district buildings will be closed through Sunday for deep cleaning and will reopen on Monday.

Below is the message posted on the district website on Thursday, Oct 29th

Message from Mr. Peterson 10/29/2020:

Due to a recent uptick in general illness to students and staff, all district buildings will be closed to activity at the end of the school day today through Sunday to allow for the deep cleaning of our buildings. School is cancelled for Friday, October 30th, and the closure will be a non-instructional calamity day with no remote learning taking place for face-to-face or online academy students. Staff should not report to their buildings during this period. Adult Education classes will take place Thursday, but are cancelled for Friday. The Madison Early Childhood Learning Center will remain open and operate as normal during this time. All buildings will reopen for educational and extracurricular activities on Monday, November 2nd. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. --Rob Peterson, Superintendent