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Dr. Jocelin Whitaker was born and raised in Orlando, Florida but happily calls the Bellville, Ohio area home where she lives with her husband and daughter in the country. As a homeschool student, she was able to include her interest in natural medicine in her studies laying a strong foundation as well as her personal interest in approaching health from Biblical and natural methods. She is a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (N.D.) as well as having her degrees as a Certified Aromatherapist (CA), Doctor of Biblical Medicine (D.B.M.), Certified Nutritional Counselor (C.N.C.), Holistic Health Practitioner Degree (HHP), and Certified Chaplain in Holistic Approaches (C.C.H.A.) from New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies as well as Certified Fertility Counselor (CFC).  

While she enjoys working with every area of person’s health such as the thyroid, digestive system, adrenals, hormones, fertility, and more, she has also become known for her knowledge and experience working with Toxic Mold Syndrome and Candida infections which is a much needed sub-specialty. So no matter your health needs, Dr. Jocelin is prepared to work with you and your family.

Dr. Whitaker shares on “Why I Chose to Become a Naturopathic Doctor“

When I was five years old, I struggled with chronic bronchitis.  I would be sick for two weeks, go through a round of antibiotics, be fine for two weeks, and then sick again. After going from child dose antibiotics to adult dose to steroids, my parents were cautioned by our pharmacist about the harmful effects of the steroids.  A family friend had been encouraging us to try a natural lung cleanse; however, we had always gone the traditional route.  At this point, my mom decided it couldn’t hurt me, it could only possibly help me.  After beginning the herb, my body began to remove the infection and phlegm.   I truly believe it saved my life!

The ability of the herbs to work helping my body to heal from the chronic bronchitis opened my family’s eyes to a whole new world of natural health.  Over the years, we began to learn more through books, research on particular topics applicable to our personal needs, and classes.  We applied this knowledge we were learning to our lives as a family and continued to realize how much healthier we were with using natural health approaches.

After much prayer and counsel from my parents along with the fact that I enjoyed this area of study to begin with, I decided to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  Going through the studies and exams was an exciting yet challenging, in a good way, process.  I learned many new areas of understanding and expanded upon the foundation I already had. I was even privileged to complete my clinical hours under a Naturopath with 35+ years of experience and college professor.

Soon after graduating, I got married. My husband and I opened a bulk food health food store where I operate my practice from. My husband grew up in the natural foods world, so he has a large practical repertoire of experience in this area which is a wonderful match. He is also a Toxic Mold Syndrome survivor which is what began my particular area of interest in working with patients who have Toxic Mold Syndrome as I helped him begin the journey to healing and have been thrilled to see him returning to thriving not just surviving. 

Before our daughter, Yalissa, was born, we had two miscarriages, which has given me a whole different understanding and compassion for women who also suffer from fertility issues. After correcting my hormonal issues naturally, we were thrilled to be expecting. Then Yalissa was born at 27 weeks, so began our journey through a NICU and preemie world and fighting to be as natural as possible in an unnatural setting as well as a special ministry to other preemie parents. Yalissa is now a happy and healthy 3 year old. 

My goal in being a Naturopathic Doctor is to help individuals and families achieve the optimum health they can using Biblical and natural resources.  Each of us is made up of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental components and understanding the uniqueness of our bodies as Yahweh (God) made them is so important.  I’m excited to be able to help many people realize this goal!

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