Tornado Hits Shelby

The National Weather Service says the Tornado that hit Shelby Sunday night was an EF 2, with estimated winds speeds of 120 to 125 MPH.The path of the Tornado that hit Shelby was 17 miles long and a half mile wide. The storm is believed to have caused damage to 30 structures in and around Shelby.

Shelby Police Captain Dave Mack says around 30 linemen, from all over the state and Michigan, are in town to help restore the power lines and put the poles back up. Mack said the damage from the Tornado is not just on State Route 39 in Shelby, but also homes and a business suffered damage on the corner of Ohio 61 and State Route 314. The hope is to get SR 39 open today and the public is asked to avoid that area, while crews are working.


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