16 Car Break in’s in Mansfield Since December 24th

Mayor Tim Theaker, Safety Service Director Lori Cope, and the Mansfield Division of Police would like to remind the community that thefts from vehicles increase during the holiday season.  Since December 24th there have been 16 car break in’s which mostly occurred in the Maple Street and Royal Oak areas.  Fourteen of the sixteen thefts were from unlocked vehicles.  Make your vehicle a harder target by following these tips:

•        Keep your vehicles locked!

•        Park in well-lit areas and turn driveway lights on

•        Remove valuables from your vehicle!

•        Don’t leave your vehicle running unattended

Most smash & grabs are a product of thieves taking advantage of an opportunity because they see something in a car they want.  Reduce smash & grabs by ensuring that you never leave any items on your seats, dashboard, or on the floor.  These items include purses, laptops or laptop bags, briefcases and backpacks, any electronic devices, and even loose change. 

Look out for each other and call the police about any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.  Stay safe and enjoy the New Year!  

car break-in (KHQ stock image)


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