City of Mansfield New Policy for Salting Roadways

The city of Mansfield will use a new policy for salting roadways this winter. City Councilman Cliff Mears said “it’s called Sensible Salting, which means applying the right amount, to the right area, at the right time.” Last year the city pretreated the roads with Brine to make the roads less dangerous in slightly snowy conditions.

The price of salt has nearly doubled from a year ago and will cost the city of Mansfield over half a million dollars. City Councilman Cliff Mears said this year’s price is $93.20 a ton, which compares to just $58 dollars last year. The city is buying 5,500 tons and has 4,300 in storage to get them through the upcoming winter.   Council approved $104,600 from the General fund to help cover the cost to treat Mansfield streets this winter.


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