Mansfield Optimist Club 9th annual "Coats for Kids"

The Mansfield Noon Optimist Club will host their ninth annual "Coats for Kids" donation drive on November 7th at the Holiday Inn on Park Avenue West in Mansfield from 10 am to 11:30am. The Coats for Kids event includes new and gently used outerwear for kids and adults, plus hats, gloves, scarfs, sweat shirts, and blankets.

Tom Conn, the Mansfield Noon Optimist Club chairman for the event says the Noon Optimist Club normally provides financial assistance or manpower assistance to our community projects. This project differs in that the Club Members donate new or gently used articles to help keep the “kids” and adults, warm. This year the employes of Ashley Home Store on Lexington Springmill Rd., led by Kimberly Hess, Professional Sales Agent, are joining the Noon Club to provide more coats for the cause. There are many kids and family's that could use assistance in todays market, and donating a gently used or new outer garment doesn't take much, if any money. Many of us have unused coats and the like hanging in the back of the closet. The winters in Mansfield can be harsh at times.

Once the donations are made, the articles will be taken by Ashley Home Store and Noon Club members to the Grace Episcopal Church at Third and Bowman in Mansfield. The donations are sorted and distributed to those in need by Father Joe Ashbey, Daniel Orr and their staff.

The Noon Club invites the public to participate. Last year contributors made their way to the Holiday Inn lobby to drop off the outerwear. They all seemed more than happy to donate their items. The Mansfield Noon Optimist Club and Ashley Home Store appreciates the public support.

The 2017 goal was to provide 100 plus articles of clothing. The Club membership, with the help of the public achieved that goal. All items are greatly appreciated by Father Joe Ashbey of Grace Episcopal and his staff. The goal for 2018 is to provide 150 items to the Church. The public can help in reaching this goal.

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