Mansfield Considering$15 million Flood Project

The City of Mansfield is considering building a dry dam to help reduce the flooding in the city.  Councilman Cliff Mears tells WMAN News the actual name is the “Touby Run Flood Hazard Mitigation Project” and would cost $15 million. Mears says this would require a 30 foot high dam in North Lake Park, which would hold 135 million gallons of water.

 The city is looking into building this dam after the horrible flooding that took place back in August of 2007, when about 7 inches of rain fell in just over a 12 hour period and caused serious flooding in downtown.  Mears says the project would also include replacing city water meters that are old and have not been replaced in at least 60 years. The belief is this could generate nearly $1 million to the city.

Council will vote on the matter October 16th.


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