Ohio State Mansfield Receives $1.3 Million Donation

The Ohio State University at Mansfield recently received the largest donation in its history - $1.38 million. The estate gift was given to Ohio State Mansfield anonymously in support of the Bromfield Library and Information Commons on campus.

“The money was donated to create the Matthew and Frank Hannah Library Fund,” said Mansfield Campus Dean and Director Norman Jones. “Thanks to a benefactor, we are pleased to announce the establishment of this fund. This permanently endowed fund will provide annual income to the university to support Ohio State’s acquisition, preservation and restoration of books and reference materials.”

Matthew and Frank Hannah grew up across the street from Ohio State Mansfield and watched the campus grow. They visited the library many times during their childhood, as the library is open to the community. Frank Hannah was a graduate of Ohio State with a degree in business computer programming. He passed away in 1990. Matt was a pre-medicine student at Ohio State when he passed away in 1974.


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