Mansfield Mental Health Court Graduation August 1

The Mansfield Municipal Mental Health Court will hold a graduation ceremony on August 1, 2018 at The Rehab Center, 270 Sterkel Blvd., at 12:00P.M.

The Mental Health Court was formed and began operating on January 1, 2004 and was the third of its kind in Ohio. It was developed to coordinate court supervision services with treatment providers to divert misdemeanor offenders with severe mental illness from repeated encounters with law enforcement and the jails by increasing treatment compliance and access to services.

The Mental Health Court is a voluntary Specialty Court Docket program providing intense supervision of offenders that involves regularly scheduled review hearings with the judge, home visits, curfew checks, drug and alcohol testing and increased communication with the treatment providers. The Mental Health Court program requires at least one year of supervision and treatment, which is organized into four phases, corresponding to individual development.  The length of a participant’s involvement in the program is determined by the safety needs of the community as well as each individual’s needs and progress.


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