Public Forum Thursday About Mansfield Revitalization

Richland County Foundation will hold a public forum at the Renaissance Theatre Thursday, May 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. to talk about the revitalization of Mansfield’s Central Business District. A group of 15 people will give an overview of the ideas they learned during a Conference held in Austin, TX, back in March. The group is focused on five key impact areas: city and walkability, food and entertainment, startups and technology, social impact and workplace culture. Through this year the core team will work with 28 advisors to sort through the ideas and create an action plan to be implemented. Richland Source President Jay Allred and Richland Area Chamber of Commerce President Jodie Perry approached the Foundation last summer with the idea.

The people in the #SXSW419 team are a diverse group of individuals who are invested in Mansfield. 

Jay Allred, President Richland Source

Damien Beauford, Barber at BarberZ Inc.

Bob Bianchi, City of Mansfield Engineer

Benjamin Davis, UMADAOP Youth Development Coordinator

Aurelio Diaz, Case Manager Catalyst Life Services & Richland Newhope Industries Dance Instructor

Cameron Haring, Senior Global Product Manager Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jennifer Kime, CEO Downtown Mansfield Inc.

Nikki Lewis, Manager Richland Area Educational Foundation

Jodie Perry, President of Richland Area Chamber of Commerce and Richland Community Development Group

Leona Smith, Executive Coordinator North End Community Improvement Collaborative

Matthew Stanfield, Principal Architect at FiELD9

Jotika Shetty, Executive Director of Richland County Regional Planning Commission

Maura Teynor, Chief Advancement Officer Richland County Foundation

Chelsie Thompson, Executive Director Renaissance Performing Arts Association

Allie Watson, Senior Community Investment Officer Richland County Foundation


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