Crestline Native Walking Across US to Raise Money for Cancer

A native of Crestline is walking across the country to raise money for colorectal cancer and veteran’s suicide.  Chad Schrack’s wife Sheila was diagnosed back in 2006 with colorectal cancer, she is now cancer free, but it got him started on planning this trek across the US.  Schrack began back on May 6th in Arlington, Virginia and hopes to reach Venice Beach, California, by the 2nd or 3rd week of September. Schrack was hoping to raise about $10,000, but already has $7,000, just 3 weeks into his journey. Schrack and his family are the organizers of the annual Polar Bear dip at Charles Mill Lake each January to raise money Schrack works for Fed-Ex and allowed him time off to do the event.

Woman walking on a path


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