Vote on Raise in Mansfield Vehicle Registration Moved Up

Mansfield City Council will vote in two weeks on the proposed $5 raise in motor vehicle registration. The money would help fund a revitalization of downtown Mansfield. Councilman Cliff Mears says the reason why the vote will take place on May 15th is because it needs to be the department of motor vehicles by July 1st, so it could go into effect in January of 2019. Mears stressed this will not go on the ballot and will be voted on by just City Council. The bump in cost would raise about $220,000 per year and $2.6 million over 12 years.  The sale tax fee for Mansfield residents would go from $15 to $20. The city would use the money collected for street repairs that has been coming out of the general fund. The general fund money would then go into the fund to help revitalize downtown Mansfield.


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