Richland County Continues to Fight Opioid Epidemic

The Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board. Richland County Children Services and honorable guests will be at the Richland County Courthouse in Mansfield Ohio on April 13, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. to join colleagues all over the state of Ohio to recognize local leaders, individuals in direct service and support providers about why continuing to fight Ohio’s and Richland County’s opioid epidemic is the right thing to do. With the message of “Bringing Help. Bringing Hope. Thank You” this event allows local leaders to demonstrate their appreciation to all of the individuals on the front lines who are working to eradicate the scourge of opiates, and help individuals coping with addiction recover every day. The crowd will have the opportunity to hear from Joe Trolian, Executive Director, of the Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board and other individuals who fight this good fight every day.

“We are sponsoring the Day of Appreciation because we see every day the difficulty and pain so many of our front-line fighter’s face as they work to help individuals in need. The positive impact that recovery from addiction can have on individuals, families, job growth, community safety, and overall economic development cannot be overstated,” stated Trolian. “Treatment Works and People Recover. Saving individuals and helping to open the door to recovery for those living in Richland County who need treatment services and supports is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. Our community will be stronger for it,” concluded Trolian.

Richland County has implemented programs that have addressed education, prevention, early engagement, on going treatment and community supports. The County has come together to demonstrate that any open door is the right door, when accessing care. These programs have ranged from Specialty Dockets, prevention and after school programs, education and treatment services based in the jail, and active Opiate Response Team, vocational readiness services, and an increase in residential care and detox services are currently underway. Programs are essential, but support from the community has been the key to making a difference and allowing us together to “Bring Help and Bring Hope.”


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