Ashland University MBA Program to Hold Ribbon Cutting at New Cleveland Site

Ashland University’s new One-Year International MBA Program will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 26 at 12 noon at its new location in Cleveland – the state-of-the-art Cleveland MBA Center located at 6393 Oak Tree Boulevard just off Rockside Road.

“This event will celebrate Ashland University breaking new territory – offering a One-Year MBA degree in the Cleveland market for the first time,” said Dr. Elad Granot, dean of the Dauch College of Business and Economics. “The initial cohort for the MBA program will hold its first class from 8 a.m. to 12 noon and break for lunch and the ribbon cutting before going back to class from 1 to 5 p.m.”

Granot said Ashland will be making history that day. “Ashland has offered its MBA degree in Medina and Westlake for many years, but this is the first time it has been offered in Cleveland,” he said.

Mayor Anthony L. Togliatti of the city of Independence is expected to attend the ribbon-cutting event.

Ashland’s One-Year International MBA Program allows students to graduate in less than 12 months, while giving them the opportunity to see the world on not just one, but two international study tours. The cohort beginning in August 2017 will be visiting Vietnam and Hong Kong in November, and Czech Republic and Spain the following May.

“The global perspective students receive on these tours will give them a unique toolset that is highly sought after. The first international tour is meant to raise awareness of global business operations, with students touring leading multinational companies, participating in case studies and speaking directly with world-class CEOs,” Granot said. “Toward the end of the One-Year program, it is time for the student’s second tour. This time, they’re already seasoned global travelers and have the ability to take what they’ve learned in class and see it applied in the real world.”

The program first launched in January of 2017 at AU’s Columbus MBA Center with a total of 20 students. According to Granot, these students have found the Saturday-only classes to be helpful when balancing a full-time job along with completing their MBA degree.

The buzz and demand for the One-Year International MBA Program was so large that Ashland University decided to offer it at a second location -- Ashland’s state-of-the-art Cleveland MBA Center at 6393 Oak Tree Boulevard just off Rockside Road.

The program is growing quickly, yet it still offers rolling admission with flexible start dates at both the Cleveland and Columbus locations. This allows students to apply to the program at any time and pick a start date that best fits their schedule. For example, if the August start date is too soon, a student may enroll in October and potentially still join their cohort on both study tours.

Granot said the program was created with the full-time professional in mind, with students taking what they learn each Saturday and applying it to the real world on Monday. Every faculty member teaching the program brings a lifetime of real, industry experience. In addition to the international travel, this unique MBA program is ACBSP accredited and a member of AACSB. For students interested in applying, GMAT/GRE waivers are available.

For information about the program go to or contact our MBA Programs Office at 419-289-5214.

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