Tommy and I were discussing donationg childrens books to the United Way for the Big Red Book Shelf drive.  The books are given to at risk youngsters, to encourage them to read.  It got me to thinking about the books I had when I was growning up.

My mom would read books to me when I was a small boy.  I loved reading stories to my own children when they were young, and now I can read to my granddaughter.  What was you favorite book?  When I was growing up in Coolridge Heights, my family recieved a book a month from the Dr. Seuss Book club.  Titles like "The Cat in the Hat", " The Cat in the Hat Comes Back", "A Fish out of Water", "Are You My Mother?" and my favorite (pictured below) "Robert, the Rose Horse".  There is a page in the story where Robert is sick and a doctor comes to see him. I liked that part, because I spent significant time in the hospital as a small boy. 

Now, there are kids books about every topic imaginable.  Have you sen the kids books at the local Book Store.  Subjects that address divorce, same sex parents, loss of a pet, even bodily functions such as...okay you can probably guess.