12am-1am Bill Cunningham  (Monday Only)
11pm-5am Coast to Coast with George Noory 
5am-6am First Light with Dirk Van 
6am-9am  The
Rusty Cates Show  (with Tommy Barnes)                                                                                               
Local News Updates at :05, :30 Followed by Weather Traffic and Sports.  Rush Limbaugh Morning Update at 6:25am and 8:25am
Sean Hannity Morning Minute at 7:25am
9am-12pm Glenn Beck 
12pm-3pm Rush Limbaugh 
3pm-6pm – Sean Hannity 
6pm-8pm The WMAN Evening Sports Grille with Aaron Hines 
(Featuring Gary Brown, and Rick Durkin)
8pm - 11pm  America Now! with Guest Host Joe Pags
11pm - 1am Ground Zero

Local News Updates Every Hour at :05 9am - 8pm                  
Fox Network/National News at the top and bottom of most hours 

12am-7am Coast to Coast With George Noory                                                                                                  
:00 – 7:15am National and Local News
7:30am This Week in America                                                         
8am - 9am  The Saturday Sports Grille with Rick Durkin                                                                                                                                                                                            
9am-12pm House Call wih Gary Sullivan
12-3pm The Best of Rush Limbaugh
3-6pm    Best of Sean Hannity 
6pm-9pm  Glenn Beck Weekend                                                  
pm  12mid   Somewhere in Time

12mid - 7am Coast to Coast Weekend 
7:00 – 7:15am    National and Local News
7:15am  Weekend Devotions (Lutheran Churches)
7:30am  This Week in America
8:00 - 8:15am    National and Local News
8:15am  Gods' Unchanging Word

8:30am Christian Friendship Hour with the Apostolic Christian Church
9am-11pm House Call wih Gary Sullivan  

11:00 – 11:15am   National and Local News
11:15am Mansfield Baptist Temple/Live Broadcast
12noon - 1pm... 
House Call wih Gary Sullivan   

1pm  7pm Leo Laporte "Tech Guy"                                              
7pm - 10pm  Handel on the Law                                                  

10pm - 1am The Bill Cunningham Show

Live Coverage of Cleveland Indians Baseball,  Ohio State Football and Basketball and WMAN’s Coverage of Mansfield Area High School Sports may preempt regularly scheduled programs.