LaLa Anthony is one busy lady.

Aside from her role in the upcoming film, Baggage Claim, she’s also promoting her upcoming relationship book, The Love Playbook and just finished filming Think Like a Man 2. 

In a new interview with YBF, she dishes out relationship advice, comments on her cast mates and spills some details about her BFF’s baby, North West. 

“Yes. I have seen baby North. She’s great. I’m going to go see her this weekend,” she says of her friend, Kim Kardashian‘s daughter. “She’s beautiful and they’re doing well.”

She also admitted she doesn’t see any more little ones in her future. “I love my family how it is. I love the three of us. We’ve managed to figure out our schedules and Kiyan is traveling with one of us at all times and I just like it how it is right now.”

The actress has been with her husband, Carmelo Anthony, for ten years and offered up some words of wisdom for single women still looking for Mr. Right.

“I would say don’t put yourself on a timeline. So many of us have this idea of how its supposed to be. In high school we said by 30 we would be married and have two kids and when it doesn’t happen, you feel like a failure,” she said. “So what you start doing is just settling because you wanna fill this timeline that you set for yourself. There shouldn’t be a timeline.  Let things happen naturally when they’re supposed to.”

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